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Every business wants to develop a mobile application that will broaden its consumer base, improve its services, promote customer engagement, and facilitate internal cooperation and business operations. According to the customer's needs, here at RamboSoft, we have created and delivered numerous mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Our mobile app developers are skilled at creating the UI/UX and use the most recent iOS and Android development tools. Our team has created native and hybrid mobile applications for small and large businesses to take advantage of new prospects and achieve their business

Android Application
The process of developing an app and releasing it onto the market is made simpler with RamboSoft. You are given all the materials and tools RamboSoft's Android app creator required to publish your app on Google Play. No coding is necessary. Nothing needs to be installed.

Hybrid Application
This system combines both native and web solutions, hence the name hybrid. When a native application is used to encase the web technologies used to create the application's core (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), these programs can utilize all of the functionality of the mobile device by using plugins. For developing a hybrid application, we use two types of frameworks.

Phone gap
A popular solution for creating cross-platform mobile apps is PhoneGap. Adobe created this open-source platform for creating mobile applications. It enables the creation of apps utilizing HTML, JavaScript, and CSS by the developers.

Ionic is a set of tools for creating native iOS and Android apps and mobile-ready Progressive Web Apps by leveraging standard web libraries, frameworks, and languages. Ionic Capacitor is a cross-platform native bridge that converts any web project into a native iOS or Android mobile app.

IOS Application
RamboSoft will help you create mobile applications for Apple smartphones and tablets. We typically provide services throughout the production cycle, including design, development, testing, and release.

Our professional developers also offer services to other operating systems, such as Android, but some focus solely on iOS development. As a result, your product and development teams can collaborate with our well-experienced team to complete individual mobile app components or
entire projects from start to finish.