Software Testing

Software Testing

Software testing analyzes and confirms that a software program or application performs as intended. Bug prevention, decreased development costs and increased performance are all testing advantages.

Black Box Testing
Black box testing is a software testing technique that examines software functionality without peering into its internal structure or coding. An explicit requirement specification provided by the customer serves as the main source of black box testing.

In this method, our team selects a function and provides an input value to examine its functionality, and then determines whether or not the process produces the expected output.

Before moving on to the following function, our test team communicates the results to the development team. The part passes testing if it returns correct results; otherwise, it fails. After testing all aspects, the product is returned to the development team for correction if there are
significant issues.

White Box Testing
White Box Testing is a method of testing software's internal structure, design, and coding to ensure input-output flow and improve technique, usability, and security. White box testing, also known as clear box testing, open box testing, transparent box testing, code-based testing, and
glass box testing, is characterized by the testers' ability to see code.

It is one of two components of the Box Testing software testing method. Blackbox testing, on the other hand, involves testing from the outside or end-user perspective. On the other hand, white box testing in software engineering is based on an application's inner workings and revolves around internal testing.

Manual Testing
Testing is essential for successful software development. Ideally, you want to find and fix all bugs and glitches before releasing the product to the market, avoiding the need for costly retrofits and the risk of annoying customers.

Although automated testing can save time and money, the human touch is still essential in finding errors, especially regarding usability testing for genuine end users.

Therefore, to solve this problem for our clients and reduce their burden, our team of experts will give a personal touch and solve the errors on time. Our professionals will hand it over to you without a mistake.